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Death's Requiem

Death's Requiem - Directed by Marc Furmie


Chase - Directed by Marc Furmie

Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Directed by Marc Furmie

The New Life

The New Life - Directed by Daniel Giambruno



TERMINUS - Official Teaser (2015)

Storm Vision Entertainment in association with MADDFILMS

Director: Marc Furmie
Writers: Marc Furmie | Shiyan Zheng | Gabriel Dowrick
Producers: Brett Thornquest | Tim Maddocks
Cast: Jai Koutrae | Todd Lasance | Bren Foster | Kendra Appleton

Status – Completed
Release – January 2016


In the near future, America’s continuing involvement in the Middle East threatens to go Nuclear. A Failing Economy has left its populace desperate and disillusioned, but in a small mid-west town things are about to change forever…

When a meteorite drops through the atmosphere and lands in the path of recently widowed mechanic David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae, Final Move), he experiences a close encounter that causes his daughter Annabelle (Kendra Appleton) to question his sanity. Driven by inexplicable visions, David recruits the help of young war veteran, Zach (Todd Lasance, Spartacus: Blood and Sand) to retrieve the celestial object and fulfill a task that may determine the fate of mankind. Pursued by government agents led by the relentless Stipe (Bren Foster, The Last Ship), David races against time to convince Annabelle that his mission is real.

Available on Netflix outside of Australia, iTunes and Google Play World Wide.


US Distributor

"Worldwide Release January 22, 2016"


Full Point Films, Cut/Rush creative and MADDFILMS

Director: Ché Baker | Dallas Bland
Writers: Ché Baker | Dallas Bland | Sarah Mason
Cast: Jake Ryan | Stephen Hunter | Bruce Spence | Bolude Fakuade | Billy Zane | Jack Thompson


After a nuclear war decimated the northern hemisphere, the surviving population in the south become desperate and violent, competing for scarce resources. Society crumbles and an infectious bacteria threatens to destroy those who remain.

In an attempt to rebuild civilisation, a self appointed government called 'The ORDER' distributed an immunisation to the bacteria, via a massive Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP). Secretly, the Order also delivered a bio-tech virus through the EMP, giving them the power to control the population.

One man remains immune to the Order's virus - Jake Slater. Now Jake scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep his unconscious daughter alive, unaware she is the last child on Earth, and the key to the survival of mankind.

Available on OzFlix, iTunes and Google Play

Australia Theatrical Distributor Foreign Sales

Bronte Pictures and Maddfilms present

Director: Dee MacLachlan
Writers: Eric C Nash | Rena Owen
Producers: Jim Robison | Blake Northfield | Tim Maddocks
Cast: Kendal Rae | Blake Northfield | Lisa Chappell | Goran D Kleut

Status – Released 2018

Listing: IMDb

OUT OF THE SHADOWS tells a story of Eric and Kat - newlyweds and soon to be parents, who become custodians of an old house located in a state forest. It soon becomes apparent that the house carries some dark history, as strange happenings begin to unnerve the couple. Terrifying, human-like beings begin to harass pregnant Kat, but Eric is reluctant to believe his wife, and tries to find logical explanations to these strange occurrences.

As time goes by, the encounters become more violent and more difficult to explain. Eric and Kat’s relationship soon becomes strained and in the act of total desperation they enlist Linda - an unusual Demonologist, to help them investigate the troubling incidents.

With her help, the couple unlocks a terrible secret associated with the house and its strange inhabitants, which puts the one thing they care about the most at grave risk. Will they uncover the truth about the Shadow People in time to save their family from the terrifying nightmare?

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Available on Google Play & iTunes
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