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Death's Requiem

Death's Requiem - Directed by Marc Furmie


Chase - Directed by Marc Furmie

Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Directed by Marc Furmie

The New Life

The New Life - Directed by Daniel Giambruno




Maddfilms presents

Writer/Director: Anthony Rose
Producer: Tim Maddocks
Cast: Dustin Clare | Isabel Lucas

Status: 6th Draft Script
Production: Late-2018

Estranged brothers torn apart by senseless tragedy inherit a treasured old ’47 Harley Davidson Knucklehead motorcycle from their father in a last ditch effort to make amends for the suffering he put his son, Andy through over the death of his wife.
After serving tours in Afghanistan, a reclusive Andy struggles with PTSD and retreats to an empty corner of Utah. Stanton goes to see his dying father for the last time. He’s cajoled to track down his lost brother and deliver the bike as a peace offering.
Stanton’s 1500mile odyssey across the back roads of America forces him to come to terms with his part in Andy’s suffering. Along the way he unexpectedly finds love with Dakota, a small town waitress yearning for more. To some the old bike is junk but others see through the decay to the icon of engineering that made Harley the greatest motorcycle builder in the world.
A bikie gang steals the Knucklehead, setting Stanton on a collision course with Andy. They’ll need to stand together and fight for their legacy.
Knucklehead is a story about the strength of character it takes to hold on to the important things, in an increasingly disposable world.

SIZZLE REEL available on request Here.

Style: Adventure Drama
Budget: Up to $4M
Secured: Some Private investment
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent

Filmworks and Maddfilms Presents

Writer: Casey Baker
Director: Rod Hardy
Producer: Janice Eymann | Tim Maddocks

Cast: Ben Hardy + 1 Oscar Winner reading, also one Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee

Status: Shooting Script

DRY UP & BLOW AWAY is a comical yet heartbreaking story that intertwines a young man’s journey of sexual identity with his beloved mother’s battle with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Sean is a 25-year-old cynic who shamefully explores his same-sex desires in the darkest corners of Philadelphia. But his misogynistic boss, flirtatious female co-worker, and traditional Irish Catholic family provide self-reassurance that his attraction to men is simply a temporary solution to his sexual and social depression. When Sean receives word that his mother, Rita, has early onset Alzheimer’s, his world is flipped upside down.

Everything comes to a head as Rita struggles to hang on to life; Sean’s partner Sonny’s expectations become too difficult to manage; and pressures from Sean’s family mount.

Nevertheless, Sean breaks free. He confronts his family, and he confronts himself. Afterwards, he sees a leaf - an autumn leaf blowing far away into the wind. It carries with it the misery, the beauty, the love…the past.

Seeking: Australian Distribution, Gap Finance
*International Sales Agent on offer, not contracted.

Maddfilms present

Directors: Maha Wilson | Philip Roberts
Writer: Philip Roberts
Producer: Tim Maddocks

Status – 2nd Draft

Ayesha, newly graduated from university, visits her parents’ rural home where father, Faisal, works at Byron hospital. Ayesha has a lucrative job offer in investment banking. But when her feisty Kurdish mother Layla’s diagnosis forces Ayesha to stay, she reluctantly agrees to take Layla’s place in a Kurdish dance at the CWA fair.

She gets a temp job in Farmer Barry’s produce store and begins an affair with his laconic surfer son, Gary, bringing Ayesha into conflict with Imogen, the One Nation council candidate. But by embracing her heritage, she comes of age, defining her identity as an Iraqi Australian as well as finding a place in the culture of Byron, a shire with an insatiable appetite for belly dancing!

Genre: Coming of Age Drama, Musical, Comedy

Budget: $3M AUD
Expected: Australian Producer Offset
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales agent

Maddfilms presents

Writer/Director: Anthony Rose
Producer: Tim Maddocks

Status – 2nd Draft

How deep will you sink to survive?

In the wake of the financial crisis Terry rolls the dice, buys a luxury yacht online. He and son Addison, their beautiful girlfriends Rae and Jane, set sail but are not alone.

Pirates in the deadly Straights of Malacca board the yacht and take them captive - father is pitted against son in a sadistic game of kill or be killed. Each man must journey to primal depths to survive.

Genre: Action / Adventure

Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent

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