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Death's Requiem

Death's Requiem - Directed by Marc Furmie


Chase - Directed by Marc Furmie

Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Directed by Marc Furmie

The New Life

The New Life - Directed by Daniel Giambruno




Uncovered Films and Maddfilms present

Writer/Director: Serhat Caradee
Exec Prod: David Jowsey
Producers: Tim Maddocks | Serhat Caradee | Liz Burton

Status: 4th Draft script supported by Screen Australia
Production: Late 2015 early 2016

Pride and vengeance drive 2 brothers and 3 others to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Sydney family. The 5 men of Middle Eastern background are determined to use her as a pawn to make their mark on the world stage, but as circumstances turn against them, as egos clash and reality closes in, all they’ve really done is set in motion a tragic sequence of events.

My Country is a modern parable about the dangers of importing conflict and the few chances we get in life to truly change our heart.

Style: Realist drama – documentary style
Secured: Australian Producer Offset and Cash flow 35%
Post Production Services for equity up to 10%
Some Private Investment
Intended: Screen NSW 10%
Screen Australia 25%
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent


Maddfilms presents

Writer/Director: Anthony Rose
Producer: Tim Maddocks

Status: 3rd Draft Script
Production: Late-2016

Andy and Joe are brothers that live in two different worlds. Joe is a New York Stock trader, Andy a war veteran and mechanic living in a trailer in Utah.
Joe has escaped the Milwaukee working class world he was raised in but is dragged back to his ailing father’s bedside and given the task to set things right by delivering a 1947 Knucklehead Harley Davidson to his brother as a peace offering, and get him to return to see his father before he dies.
The Knucklehead is a visceral time machine, a sensory link to the past and the way travel used to be. Joe has to forget the luxuries of New York and go on a journey through an America that time has forgotten. Along the way he makes friends and has adventures, from meeting Dakota, a friendly waitress in Iowa, to dancing bluegrass with old timers.
When he and Andy are finally re-united all he has is the news that now their father has passed away, and Bikers have stolen the Knucklehead. Together they set out to recover it, and with it comes the dignity to start rebuilding their lives.

Knucklehead is a story about the strength of character it takes to hold on to the important things, in an increasingly disposable world.

Style: Adventure Drama
Secured: Some Private Investment
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent


Maddfilms present

Writer/Director: Stephen Sewell (Embedded – DIR, The Boys – Writer) Producer: Tim Maddocks |

Cast intended: Guy Pearce

Frank Cave was a projectionist in a run down cinema in the snow-bound town of Kanangra. Private and easy-going, he kept to himself, living alone in the old hippie's boarding house out on the cliff and would have stayed that way if it hadn't been for the unexpected arrival of a wolf slap bang in the middle of Main Street, where it was quickly dispatched by Captain Grant with a single shot from his rifle, much to the relief of everyone. But what they didn't realise at the time was that was only the beginning, and that something new had arrived to disturb their peace. Something new. Or someone.

Someone dark and dangerous who knew the townsfolk right down into the darkest depths of their souls. And who knew something else. Who Frank Cave really was. And as he hunted the man down to find the beast within, he set off a chain of events that would blow the place apart. And show them all what they really were.

Style: Stylized Supernatural Thriller
Secured: APO and cash flow
Post Production services for Equity
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent


Bronte Pictures and Maddfilms present

Writer: Craig Henry
Director: Dee McLachlan
Producers: Jim Robison | Blake Northfield | Tim Maddocks | Nikki Pantges
Int'l Sales Agent: Richard S Guardian, Guardian Entertainment
Domestic Distributor: ScreenLaunch & Umbrella
Cast: Rena Owen, Blake Northfield

Status: 2nd Draft Script
Production: Late-2016

SCARLETT tells a story of Eric and Kat - newlyweds and soon to be parents, who become custodians of an old house located in the edge of a sugar cane plantation. It soon becomes apparent that the house carries some dark history, as strange happenings begin to unnerve the couple. Terrifying, human-like beings begin to harass pregnant Kat, but Eric is reluctant to believe his wife, and tries to find logical explanations to these strange occurrences. Kat seeks the help of her local Priest, Father Joe, who is reluctant at first. While at the Church his aide Linda hears Kat’s plea.

Eric and Kat’s relationship soon becomes strained and in the act of desperation they enlist Linda, to help them investigate the troubling incidents. She calls upon her own knowledge and coerces Father Joe to join the fight. With her help, the couple unlocks a terrible secret associated with the house and its strange inhabitants, which puts the one thing they care about the most at grave risk. Will they uncover the truth about the Shadow People on time to save their family from the terrifying nightmare?

Style: Supernatural Horror
Secured: State Government 10%
APO and Cash flow
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent


Maddfilms presents

Writer/Director: Anthony Rose
Producer: Tim Maddocks

Status: 5th Draft

How deep will you sink to survive?

In the wake of the financial crisis Terry rolls the dice, buys a luxury yacht online. He and son Addison, their beautiful girlfriends Rae and Jane, set sail but are not alone.

Pirates in the deadly Straights of Malacca board the yacht and take them captive - father is pitted against son in a sadistic game of kill or be killed. Each man must journey to primal depths to survive.

Style: Action / Adventure
Seeking: Australian Distribution and Foreign Sales Agent

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