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Death's Requiem

Death's Requiem - Directed by Marc Furmie


Chase - Directed by Marc Furmie

Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Directed by Marc Furmie

The New Life

The New Life - Directed by Daniel Giambruno



     Maddfilms works closely with several directors developing projects in film, tv and documentary.
Anthony Rose
Writer / Director
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Undoubtedly one of Australia’s most successful music video and commercial directors, Anthony has directed over 250 videos and countless TV commercials both here and internationally in a career that has spanned over 20 years. Anthony had to utilize all of his creative leadership skills and fortitude when terrorists stormed the Taj Hotel in Mumbai India in the middle of a preproduction meeting. In an infamous night that saw 200 killed - and surviving bombings and a fire that devastated the hotel, he directed a daring rescue by smashing a window and tying curtains together to create an escape slide for his crew and survivors down the side of the hotel. Anthony is known for his work ethic, focus on detail and is one of the most prolific Australian directors working today.
Marc Furmie
Writer / Director
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As a prolific writer, illustrator and director of actors, his strength is balancing strong characterisation with a cinematic aesthetic. His Screen Australia and Screen NSW-financed short films, “Death’s Requiem” and “Dark Horse” took Marc to 40 international film festivals, collecting awards at Method Fest, St. Kilda, Melbourne Underground and the Byron Bay Film Festivals. Marc is in development on three feature film projects, including “Kingdom Come” with producer Martin Fabinyi (Wolf Creek, Chopper), “Vehicular”, a high-concept auto-thriller and “Near Death”, a supernatural thriller with Maddfilms....Read More
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